Building & Architect Thailand 2024

Building & Architect Thailand 2024 will be held on October 30 to November 1, 2024 at Hall 103, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The event is a comprehensive trade fair showcasing building innovations in work and living for a sustainable future, as well as related technology solutions. It provides a platform for leading exhibitors from both Thailand and International to showcase their products and business potential, and to build business networks through dedicated exhibition zones; Inno Building Material, Intelligent Building and Sustainable Building. The event also features conference partners with Nation Group, Innovator X and various related associations. This event will share knowledge through building and architect industry expert seminars & conferences throughout the three-day event.

Key Highlights of Building & Architect Thailand 2024:

  • Comprehensive showcase of innovative products and solutions: The event will feature a wide range of products and solutions building innovations in work and living for a sustainable future, including building materials and sustainable building technologies.
  • International participation: Leading companies from both Thailand and international will be participating in the event, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of the latest trends and technologies in building and architect industry.
  • Business networking opportunities: The event provides a valuable platform for businesses to connect with potential customers, partners, suppliers and service providers.
  • Knowledge sharing: The conference and seminar programs will feature industry experts sharing their insights on the latest trends and challenges in the building and architecture industry.

Seminar and Conference:

  • Intelligent Building
  • Building Energy Code
  • Sustainable Building
  • Innovator X : Green Graphene Innovation
  • Innovator X : Most Powerful Brand
  • Innovator X : Net Zero Architecture Scenerio Design
  • Innovator X : District Cooling Innovation
  • Innovator X : Smart Inclusive Design Scenario
  • Innovator X : Hotel & Resort Pool Villa Design
  • Innovator X : Residential Design
  • Innovator X : Intelligent Office Design
  • Innovator X : Cafe & Resturant Design
  • Innovator X : Hospital & Wellness Center Design
  • Innovator X : Retail & Shopping Mall Design
  • And more 

Building and Architect Thailand 2024 is A Must-Attend event for:

  • Architects, Interior Designer, Landscape Designers, and building professionals.
  • Property developers and investors
  • Projects Turnkey
  • Building Engineer
  • Building Contractors
  • Building Technology and solutions providers
  • Factory
  • Government officials
  • Large organizations
  • System Integrators (SI)
  • Municipal
  • Academics and researchers
  • Anyone interested in learning about the latest trends and technologies in the building and architecture industry.

Strong Industry Support:

  • Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy
  • Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry
  • Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)
  • Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)
  • Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI)
  • The Building Inspectors Association (BSA)
  • THAI Generator Association
  • Amata Facility Services
  • Thai IoT Association
  • Illuminating Engineering Association of Thailand (TIEA)

List of Media Partners:

  • Nation Group
  • GMTX Company Limited
  • Innovator X

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